About me

I am an assistant professor (tenured) at the Physics department of Utrecht University. I am also a member of Utrecht Young Academy and taskforce open-science.

I studied Physics at the Sharif University of Technology and recieved my master’s degree in Nanotechnology from University of Twente. My master and PhD projects were both on wave propagation in random media and Anderson localization, at the (former) FOM institute AMOLF. I recieved my doctorate degree in 2011 from the Univesity of Amsterdam. I joined the Sandoghdar division at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light as a post-doc, where I devised a new scheme for coherent coupling between single organic molecules and dielectric waveguides. In August 2013, I moved to the Single-Molecule Optics group at the Leiden institute of Physics and started working on tracing single electrons using single molecule spectroscopy. During my stay at Leiden, I also developed the nanocapillary electrophoretic tracking (nanoCET) technique with the goal of studying rapid changes in the electrophoretic mobility of single mobile nanoparticles.

In August 2015, together with Allard Mosk, we started a new research group named Physics of Light in Complex Systems, nanoLINX. In this group, I am the principal investigator for the research direction nanoElectroPhotonics.

My hobbies are rowing, listening to and making podcasts, and making Physics-related table-top demonstrations.